Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Callaway HX Hot Golf Balls/Ball

One Dozen Callaway HX Hot
Golf Balls. Four Sleeves of 3 balls.

Callaway HX Hot Golf Balls Details

Satisfy your need for speed. This blazingly fast, 3-piece golf ball is hot off the clubface for high-velocity distance.

* High-resilience core increases ball speed, resulting in hotter performance and more distance for widest range of swing speeds.

* Solid-core, 3-piece construction gets a high-octane kick with the combination of an ionomer cover and boundary layer.

* Soft boundary layer located between the cover and the core reacts like rubber and works with the high-resilience core to increase ball velocity while maintaining a soft feel.

* A fast cover reduces driver spin for long, penetrating trajectory and great responsiveness.

* HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag and increases lift for high velocity off the club face and ultra-hot distance.

Callaway HX Hot Golf Balls Specifications
Ball Size: 1.68"
Ball Target Weight: 45.6 grams
Core Material: Polybutadiene
Core Diameter: 1.45"
Boundary Layer Material: Dupont HPF Ionomer
Boundary Layer Thickness: 0.06"
Cover Material: Ionomer
Cover Material Thickness: 0.056"
Cover Material Hardness: 69 D
Surface Area Coverage: 100
Aerodynamic Pattern: HEX Aerodynamics

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