Saturday, May 30, 2009

Motorola Cell Cases & Sony Headphones

This month is almost oooover !

and we got Motorola Leather cell phone

cases for sale in Lime Green and Pink

they are very cute and inexpensive.

Also Sony EX Headphones !!Brand New

with earclips. They come with3 sizes of

silicone rubber earbuds (S,M,L)plus a

gray flannel pouch and a smallcontainer

to protect them.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

O.K., Today we listed an Italian espresso set, from Illy Caffe.

Designed by Shizuka Yokomizo. If you want to see a very nice

slide show of these cups, copy the link below in your
New and not sold in stores!
Here is what's included in this sale:Total of 6 cups and 6 saucers.

Three different cups. Two of each design.


Shizuka Yokomizo was born in Tokyo in 1966. She got a philosophy

degree at Chuo University in Tokyo and a visual arts degree at

Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, where she lives and works.

In 1997 she has held one man (person?) shows at
the Wako Works of Art and at the Taka Ishii Gallery

in Tokyo. In 1998 she has exhibited "Sleeping" at the Duncan

Cargill, London. In 2000-2001 "Dear Stranger" (London and New York)

with which has won "Present Future 2001" ­ a new project of the Modern

and Contemporary Art Fair "Artissima" in Turin (Italy) - to the

organization of which illy caffè has also been contributing.
Young talents, all strictly "under 35", are selected by an international

collectors' jury. The year 2001's winner was Shizuka Yokomizo

to whom illy caffè has offered an award and the opportunity of

presenting a project for a set of illy cups.

From the artist:
"I have been making drawings after waking from my dreams since

I was nineteen. And in that time, I have seen them progress from

symbolic fragments, fulfilling the cliches of dream analysis, to what

seems to be an act of simple and natural picturing. These images now

appear like snapshots or little absurd and telling cartoons. Sometimes
serious, even dense and morbid, though often funny and light. Overall

they represent a process of the imagination that reformulates my

experience of the world in a clearly unrealistic dimension."

This is actually a beautiful set, check it out @
and let us know if you like it or any questions or comments.
We have more then 1,000 items from Framed Art, to
the Original Fast Food Antenna Toppers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Callaway, Sandra Magsamen & M Engelbreit

Last time I was bloging for the first time, and I forgot to let
everybody know all about the new Callaway golf balls,
I just put for sale on they are the best !
along with Tiger Woods signed picture. Must check all
our Starbucks cups, some of them are discontinued,
but we have them when nobody does. Bargaincart has
a good selection on Sandra Magsamen decorations
along with Mary Engelbreit favorites...
let's follow the Yellow Brick Road to bargaincart O.K.?
here is a link:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting started...

This is super ! I got my blog today, I'm very exited, we have tons of friends everywhere

and this will be awsome ! we have a nice store also, name ?, you can

find everything from framed art to Collector Pins and Antenna Toppers, maybe you

can take a look and tell me what you think about it.