Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lot of 21 Empty Virgin Brother LC75Y XL & LC107BK XXL Ink Cartridges

Lot of 21 Empty Virgin Brother Ink Cartridges
They are as follows:
5.- LC75BK XL
2.- LC75Y XL
1.- LC71BK
1.- LC107BK
1.- LC103BK
1.- LC103Y
2.- LC107BK XXL
1.- LC105Y XXL
2.- LC105M XXL
2.- LC105C XXL
3.- LC61BK

All cartridges are virgin empty OEM, used once, never refilled or remanufactured. They have been visually inspected to make sure they are damage free and they should be appropriate for either refilling or re-manufacturing, but as I do neither, I give no guarantee. Remember you are bidding on empty cartridges and they are being sold as is, with no refunds or exchanges.

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