Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage Jumbo Starbucks WEDDING Coffee Mug Cup

This is a Vintage Starbucks mug.
It features a couple like dancing or
playing in the park, with friends...
part of this paint is in the handle
as you can see in the pictures..
we do not know the name of this
masterwork, but it is sure beautiful.
The bottom has the Starbucks Coffee
logo and says: Designed Exclusively
for Starbucks Coffee, with a fishbowl
in vivrant colors. All Rights Reserved.

There are no cracks, chips or any deficiencies
that I can see. Fill this with a couple envelopes
of Starbucks coffee and a gift Certificate to Starbucks and you have a great Christmas
gift for someone special.

Brand : Starbucks
Industry: Coffee
Food & Restaurant
Material: Ceramic
Type : Cups, Mugs
Condition: Brand New Oversized.

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