Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ford Motor Christmas Ornament by Brookfield Collectors Guild

Brand: Brookfield Collectors Guild
Condition: New
Theme: Ford Historic Beginings

This is a Brookfield Collectors Guild
Christmas Ornament. Features a picture of
Henry Ford, driving his first vehicule and on
the other side says: At the age of 33, Henry Ford
build his first automobile in his backyard shop at
58 Bagley Avenue in Detroit.
On june 4, 1896, Henry knocked a hole in the wall
of his shop and proudly drove his automobile, which he called a "quadricycle onto the public streets of Detroit. This historic moment has been captured by artist Paul Smith, in a finely detailed
line illustration and acrylic inks media appropiately
entiteled "Historic Beginnings"

Measure 4" tall 3 1/2" wide. Comes in it's own box. Made in U. S. A. in 1987. New with tags.
New and never displayed.

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