Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fine Art DECO- Exquisite Marble Decorated Flower Vase/Stand

Original/ Reproduction: Original
Dimension: 6 1/8" by 5"
Date of Creation: 2000-Now
Region of Origin: US
Medium: Ceramic/Stoneware
Subject: Abstract
Style: Pop Art



Ceramic Art

24" High Table Accent / Vase

Vibrant Colors for any Home
Absolutely Stunning Centerpiece

The neck and the rim are given rare finish
which brings up the real rustic finish.
» The entire vase is decorated with bright
colored like Blue and Brown Glaze giving it a
celebrated appearance.

This is simply a fantastic artifact for your rooms as it states and determines the importance of the entire place. It is not a simple flower vase but a completely decorated one. Green felt material
on bottom so will not scratch any furniture.

Height: 6 1/8"
Width: 5"
Weight: 3 Pounds

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